How to shoot in the winter warm like this five kinds of props to help

How to shoot in the winter warm like this five kinds of props to help the early winter, how to shoot with deep warmth like? Different scenarios, we choose different props to add warmth to the picture, scarf, coffee cups, lamps, blankets and string, use of the "warm" brand props, in the familiar scene, take this winter the most warm portrait. 1 – stack level shawl to add warmth, winter outdoor to the cold winter, in the outdoor shooting when how to make people feel warm and avoid the cold feeling? Give your girl a soft, warm shawl. Preparation: the idea of shooting a winter outdoor shooting, the girl will wear more, the key is to make warm shawl, scarf, a winter outdoor shooting works to the props, rather than cumbersome bulky clothing, so in the framing and dress collocation, to pay attention to the color and style. The shooting we choose camel shawl for the appearance of props, the overall style of literary and. Shooting: the tone for Cape enhance people’s temperament, the camel shawl more foil girl temperament, so the tone of our shooting shawl mature as outstanding girl’s temperament, slightly literary atmosphere. Recommended outdoor environment. For example: the park, open-air shopping malls etc.. Props: elegant collocation is the most important. Camel and the elegant contrast, the clothes inside the best choice of black or white like color, the color of the clothes should not be too messy, it will grab the camel shawl built out of temperament. The M block backlit portrait taken against a winter choice, because the light is soft, good transparency, shoot the film with the warm warm tone; the other is a backlight can produce bright warm light around objects, draw the outline of the characters. In outdoor shooting, backlight time is in the sun for 1 hours to start, so is the best shooting time. Although the backlight is the best light, but also challenging the shooting, because the light light is too large, if the exposure with the camera program, there will be a big bad situation, so in order to ensure that the photos are the results they need, we chose to use the M block exposure mode. The best medium composition: shawl when props say simple, the actual filming still need to take care of. We can see from the figure, the shawl around the seemingly arbitrary and practical to adjust the effect, there is a big difference, so pay attention to the combination of the level and action of the scarf. When shooting, the composition of medium choice best, not only can avoid face occupy too much position in the picture, also can make the scarf "warming" role play more fully, medium composition can also give an impression of the imagination. Shawl stack more natural, arms and neck can be tilted, and the body to form an angle, with the action of the hand also makes the screen dynamic. The line is very stiff, so that the screen has no vitality, the body into a straight line, feeling very rigid. To fill the face: shooting backlit backlighting film face exposure will be insufficient, our solution.相关的主题文章:

Cozy steps smart boots enough to start the autumn and winter fashion battle 爱多vcd

COZY STEPS smart enough snow boots started War Winter Fashion lead: COZY STEPS was born in 1994, is recognized as the comfort footwear experts, is the world’s few fully achieve the integration of resources one of the brands of leather from raw material production, to design and manufacture, each link by COZY STEPS direct supervision. COZY STEPS’s product lines include: leisure series, business series, sports series, snow boots series, children’s series and handbags, clothing series, also won the reputation of the consumers continue to create sales miracle at the same time. Smart series boots in the autumn and winter of 2016, as a leader in the field of COZY STEPS snow boots, with high-end design, high-quality raw materials and exquisite production process, the pinnacle of achievement ugg boots, snow boots are smart, started to defend the war. "I’m good enough" is not only the COZY STEPS brand and fashion statement, but also the promotion of lifestyle and the pursuit of comfort. The quality of Australian Merino Lamb Leather is the core standard to judge a pair of boots or leather, determines the quality and comfort of the snow boots. COZY STEPS smart boots boots all raw materials from australia. This "riding on the sheep’s back country" climate richly endowed by nature to nurture high quality wool in the world, while COZY STEPS only selected superior lamb — Merino sheep fur a lamb. Create a comfortable walking alone? Life art COZY STEPS all leather tanning technology advanced by ecological process, and won the Chinese only a BLC international environmental protection gold certification. What’s more, COZY STEPS is one of the standards of Chinese snow boots. The skin soft, fine hair tight and environmental health is COZY STEPS choose the material’s exacting standards. The quality of a pair of smart boots from the beginning of the raw materials, so that each of them wearing smart snow boots, can feel the delicate and soft fur to bring the warmth of the embrace, such as SPA and soft and comfortable. Integrated shoemaking technology? Enjoy a comfortable walking and healthy life 3D tree and the double color sole, make extraordinary comfort and avant-garde fashion shoe last is the core part, it not only determines the shoe shape and style, but also determines whether the shoe fits. Today, COZY STEPS and the world’s largest shoe last company to cooperate in the production, and the use of advanced digital technology 3D, makes every pair of COZY STEPS smart boots could have fit feet, let each walk are comfortable enough and carefree. Flexible sole is worth mentioning is that, COZY STEPS boots boots boots are used more lightweight, flexible and non slip polyurethane material. This material is known for its extraordinary flexibility and has a resilience of up to 70%.相关的主题文章:

Hey, educate children must respect the 7 bottom line! Sohu –

Hey, educate children must respect the 7 bottom line! Sohu baby most people think that only adult talent can not touch the bottom line and weaknesses, in fact, far more than adults have a bottom line, children also have their own bottom line"! To be a qualified parents, please don’t come into the children’s early education at the same time in the minefield! The saying goes: The Curse jieduan. In the acting style, adults have long been familiar with such a set of unwritten unspoken rules – that is, do not touch the bottom line and weaknesses of others. In fact, far more than adults have a bottom line, children also have their own bottom line"! To be a qualified parents, please don’t enter the minefield! Some problems of some "shame shame." children are very sensitive to such as bedwetting like "wrong", because they think these defects will make him lose face in front of the companion "". Therefore, whether it is a parent, or kindergarten teachers, should not be mentioned in front of small partners, but not ridicule, sarcasm. Some mental disorders are more sensitive to the mental illness related to autism, depression, ADHD, etc.. If people often talk about the mouth, is not conducive to disease recovery. Even if the disease has been cured, in front of the children often mentioned is also to Jieduan, also is not conducive to children’s mental health. Once some fault in adults it seems not worth mentioning "the blame", also makes some children for a long time when people refer to brood on that, they will have the "Scar". These "once the fault" may include: a game finished last in a performance hit the pot, a trip made a fool of myself, even as a child crying and so on. Corporal punishment experience was beaten, scolded and punished to stand as corporal punishment is often the child "to" painful experience, not only because the flesh suffered heart, may also be affected by trauma. Even if the child has rarely been corporal punishment, but in the face of other people frequently mentioned in the past, the history of humiliation, will still make him into extreme embarrassment is difficult to extricate themselves. A physical defect such as flat feet, color blindness, short, fat, thin, small eyes, face and other physiological or physical defect, despite the "clear", but if you mention will also make the child frustrated from time to time. Even if it is a long time ago, such as the birth of thin skin or look like an ugly little old man, will make the child unhappy. The small children of the lonely world often value their own small world alone, and as their own private territory". If the parents often without the consent of the child in their territory, check it, the child seems to be a flagrant violation of their privacy. Save the "case-dough" although children do not love money, do not know how to finance, but if the parents of children often saved "case-dough" "settlement", even for himself, the child will not feel their privacy is respected and protected. Canadians generally believe that the respect and protection of children’s "privacy" in essence, is to respect and protect their self-esteem. In daily life, adults in children.相关的主题文章:

Heavy hit 10 billion yuan to buy Apple Mai Karen easeljs

Heavy hit 10 billion yuan to buy Apple Mai Karen? Local time on September 21st, according to the British Financial Times reported that apple is considering the price of $10 to $1 billion 500 million acquisition of Karen Technology Group (McLaren Technology Group). The source said, as early as a few months ago, apple and Karen group approached the intention of a full acquisition, but does not rule out the possibility of a stake. But so far, apple and Karen both declined to comment on the report. According to informed sources, since 2014, Apple has plans to enter the automotive industry, has been interested in the development of technology and patents, Tesla Motors, from Mercedes Benz and other car companies hire hundreds of automotive engineers and designers. Analysts believe that Apple wants to enter the automotive industry, the acquisition may be the fastest, step by step approach. Apple shareholders also hope that apple through the acquisition of the means to expand the territory, especially the acquisition of tesla. In Apple’s annual general meeting last year, many shareholders asked CEO Tim · (Cook) whether the plan to acquire Tesla, Cook did not give a positive response to the time, (Tim). In addition, Apple has been in the automotive field of travel on the heavy attack, the beginning of this year to $1 billion strategic investment drops travel. Analysts said the acquisition of Mai Karen for Apple repairer winged wings. If the move is successful, Apple will be the largest acquisition of $3 billion after the acquisition of headphone manufacturer Betas. It is reported that the pace of Karen Technology Group has the pace of the car and McLaren F1 team, a net loss of $24 million 600 thousand last year, this year is expected to return to profitability.相关的主题文章:

How long does it take to release the game on steam For at least 7 months tinyos

How long does it take to release the game on steam? For at least 7 months [Sina games exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint] foreign game player analysis of the sales data of steam in recent years, to study the issue of how long the game will have 33%, 50%, 75% discount. 7 months – this is the "call of Duty: Infinite War" after the release of discount $30 the time required for the same, "Mafia 3", "deus ex:" 6 "," division of civilization also takes about 7 months to 50% discount. So, they concluded, it would take at least 7 months to make a substantial discount, and in the next 7 months, even a big job might be out of breath. According to their popularity and price game will be divided into different grades, finally draws the following conclusion: 1, the concern of the 3A appear 50% discount after 7 months: think of the original such as wizards and radiation discount experience; 2, like a dark horse like bursts of independent games generally require 9.2 months to appear a discount of 50%, such as the "rocket" and "legend" under the alliance, especially the price of the game is $20. 3, other games are not easy to pay attention to discount: $30 price of the game, the game will be faster than those of the discount discount. So sum up a word: buy early enjoy, late buy discount. Don’t be afraid of the face to pre order. Don’t be afraid to buy buy buy Hand chop is not afraid (Editor: unhappy) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: